This one has been in the making now for about three months. It's a big alchemy, and it's going to be amped up during the total lunar eclipse coming up shortly, using the eclipse to "line up" everything for every individual who gets it. Whoever gets it, it's just part of the plan. We won't be shipping it until after that time. It's in limited quantity, and so we suggest you get it just as soon as you can.

I'll try to explain what it's doing in comprehensible terms. Picture neurons in the nervous system, and picture them as particles. Now picture them having their own auric fields. On the medium level of what this alchemy is about, it's expanding those auric fields. In that action, it's not measurable in the physical, but your unique experience with it may reflect an expansive ease to all physical functions. It focuses on the area of your energetics associated with the flow of consciousness in and through the Adam Kadmon.

1 Oz Liquid - $81



The Adam Kadmon is another way of saying "primal human," or "primal blueprint," but "human" is in some ways beside the point, because this alchemy's primary work starts several levels above where "self" or "individuality" even begins. Iteration after iteration, level after level, its effects refresh like a fractal into your subtle "human bodies," and then into the "physical" vessel we see in the mirror.

In the physical, everything we mistakenly ascribe to the pineal gland is actually the properties, characteristics and purpose of the thalamus gland. I, too, was taken in by all the false doctrine with respect to the pineal gland. I'm talking about highly esoteric stuff that we weren't really to re-discover until now (in Egypt, for example, we knew all this stuff). The pineal's a critical gland, yes, but it's more about being the way "in and out" of the body, than it is about higher or inner sight. The pituitary, pineal and thalamus are together the third eye, which itself is turning out to be misunderstood in a HUGE way.

The thalamus gland is the relay engine for both sensory and motor signaling, which means that how we both see AND interact with the reality we're projecting is regulated there. Put another way, the thalamus gland is the switchboard which controls "how much" information is projected onto nothingness to be sensed by each of us as a world, no matter how hallucinatory it is. If we find a way to turn on more of those switches, the more information from all levels becomes how much we project, and therefore sense. For the physical, as mentioned above, it begins its work in each neuron's auric field, but if you, for example, tend to judge the world and, most importantly, want to keep it that way, its action will be turned off like a light switch until you're ready to be responsible for more of the Greater Reality.

So, if you reject something, or judge it, you keep reality expanding switches turned off. Put another way, you keep reality limiting switches turned on. If you accept everything, you turn on reality expanding switches, and more information from all levels becomes available to your "wisdom bank." These are all synaptic processes taking place in the thalamus, which is, by the way, the core seed of human "life" itself.

Once this alchemy's action reiterates down through the densities, starting well above where any concept of "self" or "individualism" exists, it will first help you see what you have yet to let go of, to accept, and it will help you do that. Once having done that, it goes to work on the synaptic switches through the reality filtration mechanism that is the thalamus gland. Once having freed you of your judgements, able to see more of everything and take responsibility for it, you'll then be further immersed into the full systemic knowledge (not just the brain's take on it) that you are energy occurring from energy, and nothing more. The deeper into that wisdom you sink, the more ready you are to be able to perform supernatural feats. We don't know if this is where it's going for everyone, but it's happening to me at an unprecedented scale and pace.

Big things are coming for our group. Thanks for your patience with us this past year as we have been very busy getting ready for this year. It's coming for you. You ready?