Human Transformation

image That you are here, reading these words, means you’re aware there is a massive, potent, rapid and exponential human transformation fully underway on this planet, and it has everything to do with the expansion of consciousness, entering a greater awareness on global and individual levels. We’re right in the middle of it. We are right this second entering a higher energy, higher frequency zone in galactic space, and this is scientific fact. It’s a planned evolution, with planned and inevitable success, with tens of billions of beings involved, many of whom are in fact our conscious, and openly communicative, partners in planning and implementation. This all equates to radically powerful energies entering our world, our consciousness and our bodies. Flowing, absorbing and utilizing these energies in a balanced, graceful way, while also purging all the stuff that can’t be taken into the new world, is a larger and more challenging process than most people know. This is where high level alchemy comes in.


Expansion of Consciousness

image Ultimately, it’s about the expansion of consciousness, because the process of transformation is about awakening to knowledge and wisdom secreted away deep within our own bodies, psyches, and energetic fields. This is about emptying ourselves, and raising our frequencies, to facilitate the inflow of our own higher selves, to accomplish great works, most considered to be impossible my mainstream minds. This has been the key reason for alchemy for 80,000 years, and it takes a high level practitioner to accomplish it in the most potent, yet balanced, ways, and we have been here doing this for ALL of those 80,000 years. You have been steered here for a reason. Maybe you’re ready to move forward with true power?